In Shared Web Hosting, multiple clients are hosted on a single server i.e. the clients share the server's resources. This helps reduce the cost, since the cost of the server and its resources are spread over all the clients/packages hosted on the server. Shared Hosting is perfect for personal websites, small and mid-sized businesses that do not require all the resources of a server.

Web pages are files which can be rendered by a web browser. Transfering files to a server can be completed by using a ftp client or by uploading the file from your interface provided by DimeLog. If your site is using wordpress then transferring of files works exactly like copying files on your computer. If you are using the default interface then use the upload button to upload the file.

You will receive an email with your username and password and a link to your website. Connect to your website where you will find different options. From this page you will be able to choose the software of choice as in Wordpress, etc. You can also setup your email address, Backup your site, design your site, upload files, setup search engine plus SEO. For additional security you will need to buy an IP and a certificate from a third party

From the DimeLog page click on Hosting and from the drop down menu select Shared hosting. From here you will need to select a package. The next page will have three options, choose the option that fits your situation. Select your billing cycle. If you already have an account you will be required to login. Follow all onscreen information that follows.

Depends on your situation. If you are a small business then a small business package would be ideal. The package can either be Wordpress hosting or Cloud hosting. If you are an independent you can select according to your need. This can be Cloud hosting, WordPress or anything from the host package. We have the solution for every need. Contact us if this is not the case

Cloud hosting is the latest form of hosting that has become extremely popular over the past few years. The main concept of cloud hosting is "Divide and Rule" � the resources required for maintaining your website are spread across a cluster of servers that work together, termed as "the cloud". This greatly reduces chances of any downtimes in case of a server malfunction.

When a website is hosted on shared hosting, the website is placed on the same server as many other sites, ranging from a few to hundreds. Typically in this setup, all domains share resources, such as RAM and CPU from the same server. Cloud hosting, on the other hand, offers nearly unlimited ability to handle high traffic spikes. On Cloud, your website is hosted not only on one but on several servers connected to work as one. Your websites don�t depend on only one Server� even if one server is inaccessible, the Data is retrieved and processed by the other available servers with no downtime.

Our cloud hosting offers high reliability. Cloud Sites automatically distributes three mirrored copies of your data across multiple devices to ensure safety and protection. The website is hosted on a virtual partition which draws its resources, such as disk space, from an extensive network of underlying physical servers.

We use Ceph Storage, which gives 3N level of redundancy. In computing, Ceph is completely distributed without a single point of failure, scalable to the exabyte level, and freely available. Ceph replicates data and makes it fault-tolerant, requiring no specific hardware support. As a result of its design, the system is both self-healing and self-managing, aiming to minimize administration time and other costs.

Yes - we provide 'Quick Install' which is accessible from your cPanel. Quick Install allows you to plug and play various scripts like Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, shopping carts like Zencart, Magento and various other billing, social networking, support and chat modules.

It's a Ready-made plan for your every need whether its a Startup, Small Business or a Large Enterprise - Our Combo Offers have you covered. We have carefully put these combos together to fit the needs of the customers because we heard and know what the customer needs. Feel free to explore and choose the best fit for you.

Email Combo combines email and domain name services together. The domain sides of the package comes standard with gTLDs/ccTLDs/nTLDs with options to select from .ONLINE, .IN, .ME, .NET, .COM as your domian root. The email side of the package comes with 3 email accounts (5 GB each). Its powered by OpenXchange 7. Its mobile ready with POP/IMAP

The Hosting starter combo combines domain name services and hosting together. The domain sides of the package comes standard with gTLDs/ccTLDs/nTLDs with options to select from .ONLINE, .IN, .ME, .NET, .COM as your domian root. The hosting side of the package comes with 1 website, Unlimited email accounts, Unlimited Disk space and bandwidth.

The Hosting advance combo combines domain name services, hosting and SSL certificate together. The domain sides of the package comes standard with gTLDs/ccTLDs/nTLDs with options to select from .ONLINE, .IN, .ME, .NET, .COM as your domian root. The hosting side of the package comes with 1 website, Unlimited email accounts, Unlimited Disk space and bandwidth. The SSL certificate comes with up to 256-bit Encryption, Comodo Secure Seal plus $10,000 Warranty

The Website combo plan combines domain name services and Website builder together. The domain sides of the package comes standard with gTLDs/ccTLDs/nTLDs with options to select from .ONLINE, .IN, .ME, .NET, .COM as your domian root. The website builder side of the package comes with 5 Page website, 2 GB Disk space, Unlimited bandwidth, 10 email accounts (2 GB each).

Our Website builder includes popular components like Blog, Image Gallery, PayPal, eBay and Google Maps. Also includes PHP, Javascript Perl supporting WordPress and Cpanel

Yes you can upload your theme. You can also choose from over 180 stunning themes designed by expert designers. Our themes can be used for personal, professional as well as ecommerce Websites. You can also create your own theme.

Our Website Builder packages come integrated with a Search Engine Optimization feature to help you rank higher on search engines.

No, you don't have to worry about that. Our Website Builder packages come with a free Web and Email Hosting package

No, I'm afraid you will not be able to migrate an existing Website directly on to a Website Builder package. However, you can move website files over by downloading them from your other host then uploading them to your website builder account. The website content can then be filled to achieve a similar result.

A Domain Name is a textual version of an IP Address, the number that points to a particular website. For example, the number is the IP Address for Each domain name on the Internet corresponds to such numbers. Without domain names, each and every website would have to be recalled by a number like this, similar to the telephone system, but much more difficult to remember. For this reason, domain names were introduced, and have made navigation on the net much simpler. !

A Domain (Transfer) Secret or Authorization (Auth) Code is a code assigned by the Registrar at the time the domain name was Registered. This Domain (Transfer) Secret acts like a password for a domain name, ensuring that only the owner of the domain can Transfer their domain name. To Transfer any domain name, of any of the following TLDs (extensions), you would require to first obtain the Domain (Transfer) Secret or Auth. Code from your Current Registrar. Login to your Current Registrar and generate The Authorization Code Then go to Enter the domain you want to transfer, click transfer, then enter the Secret or Authorization (Auth) Code in the EPP Code space. Click to continue

Visit and click on Domain. From there type in the domain name you wish to register in the search field. Click the search button to see if that domain name is avaiable. If your domain name is avaialable then follow the onscreen instruction to getting it registered

When you register a domain name, it is registered to you for a certain number of years i.e., until its Registration term expires. If you plan to continue using it beyond its Expiry Date, then you need to renew it. You can renew your domain name from your Control Panel by doing the following. 1) Login to your Control Panel. 2) Search for the domain name and proceed to the Order Information view. 3)Click the Renew button. If the domain name is Locked/Suspended, you will have to first get it Unlocked/Unsuspended before proceeding further

No, the transfer will not affect the operation of your website. Also you will received 1 free year for you domain

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