DimeLog is the brand for all your web services. We provide services for small to medium size business, students getting into the web space and other organization. We believe in providing the best service at the most affordable price. Our customers are the reason why we do what we do. Its our motto and the words we live by - every customers matter and making our customers happy is why we work so hard to make this a reality

DimeLog is a division of Ecentury Inc a technological and development company. DimeLog was launch in 2014 to help simplify the Internet for small business and for personal use. DimeLog is that bridge for accessing the latest technology like the Cloud technology, and making the interaction with cutting edge technology seamless for the non IT individuals. At DimeLog we make the extra effort to provide knowledgebase for those who wants to learn and understand more.



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  • DimeLog is now position to become a major player in the Internet and Technology market space. Years of development and innovation has solidify the company and has shaped its direction in the 21st century. Our past expereinces has helped us shape the way we do business and the kind of customer packages and new products that will be released. We are exciting to invite you all on this journey.

    Ecentury our parent company with its host of expereince has alway been our main support

  • The birth of DimeLog. Ecentury created this arm of the company to bring the Internet closer to the everday users. DimeLog provided services such as video streaming, online TV, online radio, speciality broadcasting where any small broadcastor in his basement could compete with the major players without downtime. This expanded to webhosting, cloud hosting and domain name registration

  • Ecentury entered the video field and launch the first 24/7 video online live streaming. However, the market changed when YouTube came in the market and Ecentury again wasn't able to compete as Youtube was providing the same services for free. Ecentury had to again reinvent itself and embarked on a new journey

  • Ecentury embarked on a new journey and develop a new software from the raw UNIX (BSD) to mirror the Solaris version. Not only were the software being designed, Ecentury also made head way in creating the supporting hardware. Unfortunately this product didnt make it to market

  • Ecentury launch a free email service to compete with Yahoo, hotmail and MSN. However, due to extreme competition in the email services market space Ecentury decided to change direction

  • Ecentury the company was started. First product was an Ecentury Laptop, the first of its kind. This laptop was design to compete with the HP Compac notebook and was called the Ecentury notebook